Cassadaga Village Board supports keeping elementary school

CASSADAGA – The Cassadaga Village Board was anxious to hear what information fellow board member Ronald DeChard would bring back from the committee meeting on the Cassadaga Elementary School. The board has already gone on record as unanimously opposing the closing.

DeChard missed Wednesday’s regular village board meeting to attend the committee meeting, but the topic was still discussed.

Trustee Valerie Culverwell said she thinks residents should follow in the footsteps of the residents of Ransomville in Niagara County, who were able to prevent the closing of Wilson Elementary through fliers and protests.

“People don’t think we care. They moved the grades out slowly so now there is less of a shock. We just need to show people how we feel about this,” Culverwell said.

The board had questions about how much the closing would actually save the district and how busing would work. Board members pointed out seeing inefficient bus practices currently in place and wondered if money could be saved in that area.

Mayor LeeAnn Lazarony asked why the district is considering closing Cassadaga Elementary instead of Sinclairville when the capacity of the schools is similar.

Trustee Michael Lehnen said he would need the figures before he could make a fair judgment.

The board asked Lazarony to request an email update from DeChard.