Forestville discusses fees for stage crew services

FORESTVILLE – Since the Forestville High School renovated its auditorium, the space has been an asset for student groups and the community alike.

The district charges a fee for groups outside of the school; however, this charge does not include the services for stage crew, which are now provided free.

This was the topic for discussion at the Forestville Board of Education meeting Thursday. Business Administrator Carolyn Robertson explained students in the stage crew club, along with teachers, currently volunteer their time for outside groups.

“They have felt that there are times when the performances were kind of taking advantage of (having the stage crew) by needing them for multiple days and for rehearsals plus the shows,” she said.

She said it was suggested for outside groups a fee be included, the proceeds of which would go to the stage crew club.

“The kids could then use it to buy equipment like microphones and stuff like that or they could use it to have a pizza party for the kids … They just thought a nominal fee would make people think if they need stage crew there for five or six or seven days,” Robertson added.

The suggested fee would be $20 for each hour after two hours. Board members said they are receptive to the change and the matter will be put to a vote at the next meeting March 7.

Robertson also reported on the budget committee. She said the committee is looking at costs and its fund balance and making five-year projections.

There will be a budget presentation Feb. 21 at 6 p.m. in the high school library.

Superintendent Charles Leichner reported having continued shared services talks with Silver Creek Superintendent Daniel Ljiljanich.

“We talked about things we can do as districts and what, in a very preliminary fashion, we could do to work together in a way that could help both of us … I’m thankful to be in a position to move that dialogue ahead … Forestville Central School is more than sustainable – we are holding our own and doing a nice job; we are moving ahead aggressively and we are looking at every opportunity we have to increase the academic opportunities for our kids in addition to extracurricular activities,” he said.

Board President Sylvester Cleary also reported he was appointed to the Federal Relations Network. He explained only three school board members for each congressional district are selected for the FRN. His duties with the FRN are to make them aware of the district’s positions on federal issues and make sure all local boards know about federal bills and initiatives.

He said he attended an FRN meeting in Washington D.C. recently where he met with senators Chuck Schumer and Kristin Gillibrand and Congressman Tom Reed .

“We made them aware of our particular situation here in Forestville and the rest of the schools in our area and I would like to report to you that they know Forestville exists. They understood our plight,” he said.

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