Change orders approved for capital project

BROCTON – Superin-tendent John Hertlein brought about $64,275 worth of change orders concerning the Excel Project to the Board of Education for approval.

Hertlein explained some of the items were omissions in the original plans such as ice guards for the roof while other items were unforeseen, such as the erosion under the building. He brought in a piece of slag (material from producing steel) that was used in the understructure of the building. The material is very hard so is very difficult to drill into.

Hertlein took the time to go over the items and the reason for each. He also thanked members of the board who have explained construction related items to him. “This is my first construction project,” he said. “and I appreciate the advice.”

Before the vote, board member David Hazelton singled out the temporary heater that was bought for the swimming pool area so that the workers could work in the area. Hazelton said that even though it is a temporary heater, it should remain after the project is over for use or resale.

The board unanimously approved the change orders.

Hertlein also reported to the board that Undersheriff Charles Holder had done a safety audit of the school and made some recommendations. He wrote a letter to thank Holder.

The school also went through a practice drill and there will be more in the future.

“We do the best we can to make it safe, but nothing is flawless,” Hertlein noted.

During her report, elementary principal Sandra Olson commended the students and teachers on the way the drill was carried out.

“The teachers talked with the kids about the drill (beforehand).” Noting that the children were quiet during the drill she added, “I am proud of all of them. It went extremely well.”

In personnel matters:

Elementary principal Sandra Olson was appointed to a tenured position as Director of Special Education effective Feb 12.

Amanda Westling was approved as a substitute teacher. She holds certification. Board member Susan Hardy noted Westling was a former student and recommended her. Olson said she had interviewed Westling. “She exudes teacher,” said Olson.

Larry Westin was appointed as modified baseball coach.

Jeff Franze was appointed varsity softball coach.

Ashley Zambotti’s child bearing/child rearing leave was extended by 14 days. She will return to work on Feb. 15.

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