Random acts of kindness

I must share with you the most unusual day I had last Thursday. I brought my column to the OBSERVER. It was bitter cold outside and the streets were slippery. I stopped to get gas because in Dunkirk is a 5-cent discount per gallon at the gas station on Fifth Street and Central Avenue every Thursday.

It was so cold I hated to get out of the car.

“Gee, I wish someone would pump my gas for me,” I was thinking, but there were only two clerks inside, a guy and a girl.

Suddenly, the girl asked, “Would you like me to pump your gas for you?”

“What are you, a mind-reader?” I asked.

She pumped my gas, and when I paid I had change coming. She rounded it up to the dollar and gave me more!

“Wow,” I thought, “this is going to be a great day.”

But I hadn’t seen anything yet!

I went to Aldi’s. In the parking lot a woman gave me her cart and refused my 25 cents.

While I was waiting to buy a gallon of milk the woman ahead of me opened the door to the cooler to get herself some milk. She asked me if I was waiting to get milk, and when I said yes, she got me a gallon. Thank you! Later she taught me how to pick out a good cantaloupe. I’ll teach you. Look for bruises and soft spots, then smell it. Keep it at home for two or three days before you eat it. Thank you, lady, whoever you are.

I finally got up to the checkout line. Suddenly, the young man behind me started putting my groceries on the belt. When I got all my groceries into bags, I couldn’t find my black gloves. A young girl found them for me.

In the parking lot, I gave my cart to someone and told her to keep passing it on.

When I got home I took all my bags out of the car. There were five of them. I was resting awhile before I took them to the house. A woman appeared out of nowhere and asked if she could help me with my bags. She took them to the door for me. I asked her what her name was and it turns out I know her daughter-in-law, Lisa Glasier. Lisa teaches, sings like an angel and is a beautiful Christian. What a day I was having!

But that’s not the end. That night I went to a pot-luck supper for the students of SUNY Fredonia at our church. We mingled with the students. I sat next to a young man. He turned out to be the grandson of the lady who carried my groceries! Unbelievable! But I am a believer.

I pray for opportunities to serve, and look at all the people who have helped me! There was something else unusual about our table at dinner. There were eight people at the table, and five of them had names that start with the letter M! After the first two, I said “M & M, how sweet!” And it just got sweeter.

It will be 25 years in October that I have been affiliated with Intervarsity. At that time my husband Russ passed away. I was lost until John Orlando said to me, “Margaret, you’ve got to come to Intervarsity with me. Those kids are on fire for the Lord!”

I went and the rest is history. I owe it all to John. He passed away a long time ago with heart problems, but his heart was always in the right place.

I hope you enjoyed my story and that it will encourage you to do good deeds and appreciate those that are done for you! Remember, you can’t do a good deed without receiving! Don’t deny yourself that joy.

Now I’d like to tell you about a contest we’re having to come up with a name for our organization that is trying to stimulate business and activities in Chautauqua County. You come up with clever names and we’ll come up with the prizes. Call me at 679-4772.

Margaret Valone is a Fredonia resident. Send comments on this column to