Where’s the Home surplus?


Government for who? Thought it was for the people.

Thanks go to the few legislators who are and saved the Chautauqua County Home from being sold to Altitude Health Services.

I am disappointed our legislator did; who changed his decision? You said it well, Frank Lisa, Sr.: “Remember in November the 16 who voted to sell!” What about the consultants hired and came back with a $2 million savings? Why not give it a try? It is great the CSEA is committing to help cut costs. The county investing $60 million for renovations and then selling it for $16 million is outrageous.

On “Senior Report” a commentator spoke about a $5 million surplus the Home has, and not sure why the media does not tell about it. We have a beautiful facility; if it was located in the south part of the county more might be in favor of keeping it.