Dunkirk Town Board purchases computers

The Dunkirk Town Board held a special meeting in addition to its recent regular workshop in order to purchase computers for the clerk’s office.

Town Clerk Jean Crane explained the clerk’s office needs two computers and the court clerk needs two computers and two monitors.

“The computers we have are very old and slow. QuickBooks take up a lot of memory and they run very slow,” she said.

She said the town hasn’t bought computers in six years and the expense was included in the clerk’s and court’s budgets.

The town received one bid and two state bids for the computer replacement. Compass Consultants of Jamestown bid $5,910 for the four computers, two monitors and labor. Dell on state bid would cost $13,130 for the four computers, two monitors and labor. HP on state bid would cost $3,498 but did not include Microsoft software which would add $1,559 and does not offer the labor to have the computers installed and data transferred.

The board decided to go with Compass Consultants, a company the town has worked with in the past.

Supervisor Richard Purol also gave a report on some of the changes made at the town hall. There have been some noticeable changes in the furniture arrangement with the judge’s bench moved to the back of the council room, tables on wheels and new chairs for the town board and the addition of a doorway metal detector.

Purol said the town had an electrician add an outlet for the metal detector and run computer cords into the office.

He added the town hopes to make the restroom sign more visible and add a concave mirror for the police officer placed in the corner for court.

Other changes they hope to make include changing the direction the back doors open and adding a Dutch door with a shelf to the clerk’s office entrance.

He said the board has not made any decisions on further building renovations but will need to decided where to go from here soon. He added the board will decide after it receives its audit report from the comptroller’s office.

Crane said National Grid expressed interest in doing an energy audit on the town hall.

The board also discussed filling the vacancies on the board of assessment review.

The next board meeting will be held Feb. 13 at 7 p.m. There will also be two zoning board hearings Feb. 20 at 6 p.m.

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