Snowmobile trails to be open today, could be closed by Monday

Even with cold temperatures, a lack of snow throughout most of the week has left snowmobile trails in marginal condition.

Also, with warmer temperatures predicted for Sunday and Monday, along with the possibility of rain, trails could be closed by next week.

“Without any snow until (Friday) now, (trails) have been degrading with the sun shining, and were getting some melt from the ground up,” said Chris Jaynes, Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Club president. “It is thin in some places and there are waterholes we can’t get rid of. With more snow (Friday and today), we’re hoping (the trails) will stay.”

However, Jaynes said with the forecast calling for warmer temperatures Sunday and Monday, with rain, trails could be closed.

“By Sunday and Monday, they could be in real bad shape. Some of the trails will not survive. Maybe some areas that have more snow, and it’s packed in better, will stay,” he said. “We will try to keep them open for the weekend, but when I see Monday’s forecast of 41-degree temperatures and rain showers, it doesn’t look good.”

Jaynes said even though trail conditions have been marginal so far this year, he said riders are enjoying it more than last year when trails were only officially opened for two days.

“They’re definitely enjoying being able to ride at all,” he said. “There are waterholes, but a lot of them you can get around. If you look at our Facebook page, there are a lot of comments from the riders.”

On Friday, the Chautauqua County Trail Conditions hotline message said all trails are open, but there are many hazards, so riders should pay attention to their surroundings. You can access the hotline by calling 800-242-4569. The Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Club Sno-Phone said trails are open in fair condition, but conditions are degrading fast, especially with warmer weather Monday.

“It’s just another roller coaster for snowmobiling,” the hotline said about trails being open and potentially closing.

The Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Club Sno-Phone can be reached by calling 753-2924.