Stolen dolphin urn returned

Chautauqua County sheriff’s deputies say the swimming dolphin urn containing the ashes of the victim’s husband, which was stolen in the course of a burglary at a residence on Van Buren Road in the town of Pomfret on April 4, has been found.

After an extensive investigation at the time of the burglary, investigators were unable to locate the urn. A media blitz asking for the public’s assistance was used in the hopes of putting pressure on the person to return the urn. It is believed that the person who took it thought it was a piece of art.

On Thursday, the victim, who went out in the morning to walk her dogs, located the urn in a bag on her porch. The urn was intact with only a small chip on the bottom and a few scratches on the side.

An ID specialist was sent to check for DNA and fingerprints. It is unknown why the urn was returned unless the person was afraid to display the urn as art or whether his conscience got to him. The department is “just happy” that the victim has recovered her husband’s ashes.

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