Your pet’s prescription

With the ease of using the internet for purchasing items, pet owners now have the option of purchasing their pets’ medications and various other items directly from their veterinarian, from their own human pharmacy, and now from various pharmacies online.

When you purchase directly from your veterinarian, you are purchasing directly from an authorized seller of the medication. This means that the medication comes straight from the manufacturer or an authorized distributor of the manufacturer’s products, and the manufacturer guarantees their products because of this. When you purchase from your veterinarian, you are also helping support the day-to-day expenses incurred assuring that they are able to stay in business.

Purchasing from a human pharmacy is an option, but unfortunately many of the medications are animal-only medications and cannot be purchased from your own pharmacy. That leaves us with online pharmacies. Using an online pharmacy is convenient and in some cases more affordable. The problem with online pharmacies is that many of these pharmacies are not authorized sellers of the product and they go through unauthorized channels to acquire the medications for resale purposes. Many of these products may come from companies outside the United States that are not labeled for resale in the U.S. Because of this, these products have been shipped and reshipped, have been exposed to various environmental extremes, may have written instructions and labels in a different language, or they are expired or close to expiring. Just because they are cheaper, does not mean that they are safe for use on your pet and if there is a problem with the medication, the manufacturer will not guarantee the product unless it has come directly from an authorized seller like our veterinary hospital.

Therefore to compete with these online pharmacies, to assure that your pet is getting safe medications, and to provide the convenience of using an online pharmacy, our clinic is now offering our own online pharmacy if you are a client of our hospital. We offer a variety of products from flea, heartworm, and tick medications, to various diets, treats, dental products, leashes, and toys. We still carry our own line of products in the hospital, but there are many cases where we might recommend a specific treatment that we do not have on our shelf. In this circumstance, we can approve a prescription right in our hospital for a product in our online pharmacy. To access our online pharmacy, go to our website at and provide us with your e-mail. You will be directed to your “Pet Portal” a website dedicated solely to your pet and from that page you can shop in our online pharmacy.

The month of February is Dental Health Month. Be sure to call us for any discounts offered this month, and also check out the great supply of dental products in our hospital and in our online store!

We want to provide the best care possible for your pet and assure that they are kept safe at all times. We also want you to be properly informed so you can make the right decisions for your family pets. Thank you for letting us be an important part of your pets’ healthcare team!

Dr. Rebekah Frost is a veterinarian at the Dunkirk Animal Clinic. Send comments on this column to