‘Awesome’ effort in dog search


In the latter part in the week of Feb. 4, during some of the coldest days of the year, two dogs were lost from their homes.

I just want to give this community a big thank you for all who turned out to get both of these wonderful animals back home to their owners. I could not believe how many individuals gave their time to look for these two lost dogs. I was happy to help in the search.

This community is awesome!



One’s view

from the top


I enjoy it up here

at the top of the chain

and owe my position

to my superior brain.

I love all the critters …

the mammals, the birds, and the fish

but I like them all best

served hot in a dish.

I love to watch squirrels

as they romp around town

But I’d much rather see them

in my frying pan, browned.

And the deer, so beautiful

I like them the most

but dang they’re delicious

especially the roasts.

I adore cute little bunnies

but because I’m the boss

I sometimes enjoy them

with barbecue sauce

Living among God’s creations

is really a treat

but I offer no apologies

they’re all good to eat!


Bear Lake