Twenty years ago — 1993

Betty Schroeder, head librarian at the Anderson-Lee Library in Silver Creek, recently retired after 14 years of service. A native Fredonian, Mrs. Schroeder began her career at the Barker Library where she worked as library clerk and then head librarian for more than 18 years. “The little kids are the best part of library work,” Mrs. Schroeder said. Sandra Apthorpe succeeds her as the next Anderson-Lee Library head librarian.

Thirty years ago – 1983

The Rev. Peter Cronin of Buffalo, newly elected U.S. Regional Director of the Columban Fathers, served a mission education assignment in Silver Creek in 1963 and later was superior in Derby, NY in 1971. Ordained in 1954, Father Cronin was first assigned to Korea where he was pastor of a parish that was part of the DMZ. Each time he ministered there, he had to be accompanied by an armed escort. His new role of regional director consists of overseeing the work of 148 Columbans in their mission education program throughout the United States.

Forty years ago – 1973

Kevin A. Parker, 238 Lake Shore Drive East, Dunkirk is among 10 principal nominations to the Merchant Marine Academy made by Sen. Jacob J. Javits (R/NY).

Fifty years ago – 1963

The “Pairs and Spares” of the First United Presbyterian Church, Dunkirk held a tureen supper with Mrs. Hobart Ames and Mrs. Louis Silverman as hostesses.