Democrats hold caucuses in Forestville and Silver Creek

Candidates for village elections have been endorsed by the Democratic Party in Forestville and Silver Creek.

A caucus was held in Forestville on Jan. 23 at the Municipal Building. Endorsed candidates are: Linda Aures running for the mayor position. Aures is currently a trustee in the village of Forestville. She is asking the voters to seriously consider her to fill the remaining one-year term for the mayoral position.

Margaret (Mindy) Borrello, has been endorsed to run for a 2-year term as trustee. Borrello accepts this endorsement because she feels it is time for a positive new outlook at the issues in Forestville. Both Aures and Borrello will be walking the village to listen to the voters’ concerns.

In the village of Silver Creek, a caucus was held on Jan. 24 at the Municipal Building. Nicodemo (Nick) Piccolo has accepted the Democratic endorsement for mayor. Piccolo currently serves on the village board as trustee. He is also endorsed by the Republican Party.

Candidates endorsed for trustee are: Deanna Coggins and Anthony Pearl. They look forward to working with Piccolo. Village residents will soon see these candidates walking the Village to listen to voters’ concerns and seek your support.

Village elections are on March 19.