Board hears of reckless snowmobile operation

BROCTON – Members of the Brocton Board of Trustees heard complaints from village residents who are fed up with reckless snowmobile use on their property.

A handful of residents from the Haywood Heights development in the village attended a recent meeting to address the board about off-trail and reckless snowmobile use on and around their properties in light of the abundance of snowfall this year.

Chautauqua Lake Snow-mobile Club Trail Captain Steve Smith, who cares for the sections of trail in Mayville, Brocton and Stockton was also on hand Wednesday. He has been working closely with the residents about their complaints.

Smith has very clearly marked and groomed all sections of the trail, which includes a section that runs behind Country Fair and is adjacent to the Haywood Heights properties, so he believes the riders causing the disturbances are not members of the Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Club.

“These trails are so well groomed and so visible, that the complaints are clearly not directed toward members of the snowmobile club,” added Village Clerk Karen Ardillo.

Brocton Mayor Dave Haz-elton stressed that any property owner having an issue with reckless snowmobile riders “should immediately report it as a formal incident to Chautauqua County Sheriff’s deputies” so that the offending riders can be apprehended.

Because snowmobiling serves as a staple of winter recreation for families and individuals, the mayor noted he doesn’t wish to see snowmobiling along that section prohibited. A benefit to that section of the trail is that it allows riders access to refueling at Country Fair and quick access back onto the trail.

The board also reminded village and town residents to report any suspicious activity related to the impersonation of the Town of Portland animal control officer.

Anyone approached by an individual claiming to be the town’s animal control officer should immediately ask for identification and contact the Sheriff’s Department to report an incidents related to the situation.

In other matters, the board unanimously approved an easement request for a one and a half foot section of village property located on Greenbush Street.

Currently, a portion of a garage structure owned by Michael and Tracy Moon sits on the small section of property, which is adjacent to the village’s electrical transformer property.

The new easement will legally allow the Moons or any future property owner to keep that one and a half foot section, and at the same time still allow access to the transformer equipment by village personnel.

The board will meet again on Feb. 20 at 7 p.m. in the Village Hall.