Lucky Lanes hosts third Annual High School Bowling Challenge


Staff Report

The third Annual High School Bowling Challenge was held at Lucky Lanes in Fredonia on Super Bowl Sunday, featuring bowlers from high school teams all across the Southern Tier. The results are as follows:

Girls Division:

Semi-Finalist Qualifiers: A.J. Pencak, Tessa Gibbon, Sarah Pleva, Lydia Gozdalski, Liz Golubski and Mallory Wojcinski.

Finals Match No. 1: Tessa Gibbon defeated Sarah Pleva in a two-frame rolloff, 50-28, after tying at 196 in their match.

Championship Match: A.J. Pencak defeated Tessa Gibbon, 219-184, to take the title.

Boys Division:

Semi-Finalist Qualifiers: Zach Crandall, Bobby Patterson, Brady Manzella, E.J. Haase, Casey Surma and D.J. Lombardo.

Finals Match No. 1: Casey Surma defeated Bobby Patterson 258-198.

Championship Match: Casey Surma defeated Zach Crandall 195-185 to take the title.

More than 50 high school bowlers participated in the tournament overall including both boys and girls in grades 7 through 12. The tournament is conducted each year on the lane pattern to be used during the upcoming sectional competition in Buffalo. Bowlers receive handicap based on their highest average for the season from either their regular junior league or high school bowling season.