Library exhibit tells tragic story of Titanic victim

SILVER CREEK – The Anderson-Lee Library is exhibiting a collection of Titanic-related material on loan from Silver Creek resident Robert Sutehall. The collection of photographs, personal items, news stories, and letters tells the story of Henry (Harry) Sutehall, Robert’s uncle, who traveled around the world for two years, only to lose his life on the Titanic during the last leg of his journey.

Henry traveled with a companion, Howard Irwin, taking odd jobs in different countries to help pay their way. In the final weeks of their trip, Howard was called home for a personal emergency. He asked Henry to bring his suitcase home for him on the Titanic. The suitcase was retrieved from the wreckage of the sunken ship in the 1980s.

This fascinating collection will be on display in the library’s display case throughout the month of February.