New business and vibrant color will be welcomed in Brocton

BROCTON – While it may sound like something out of an Arthurian legendary tale, the color “Shannon’s Isle” will soon make its debut in Brocton.

Out of a potential 10 paint color samples, state historic preservation authorities settled on the color of green which will be applied to Brocton’s newly refurbished 4-corner arch.

Village Clerk Karen Ardillo announced the final selection of the paint color Wednesday during the village board of trustees meeting and noted the painting can finally get under way. A sample of “Shannon’s Isle” green is available to view at the clerk’s office.

“Trustee Dale Abram has been continuing to work diligently with our plaque contractor, Paul Morrison, on a draft version of the plaque inscriptions,” added Ardillo.

“They’re in the process of meeting with the donors who will be added onto the plaque to scrutinize spellings and proper wording and I have to say, Paul Morrison is doing a great job for this project. The final product will be an easy to read bronze plaque on a 6-foot high brick base, for all to enjoy and cherish,” Ardillo said.

Aside from the much-anticipated return of the arch to the downtown landscape, the village will also be welcoming three new businesses in the near future.

Members of the board plead “no comment” to the village’s Planning Board approval of initial permit processes for the future Brocton Arch Liquor (to be located at 6 E. Main St.;) Arch Sports Cards & Memorabilia (2 E. Main St.;) and Everything Under the Sun vintage gift shop (which will occupy 4 E. Main St.)

All three businesses will move into the space of the village’s former Owen’s storefront property and Ardillo noted that property owner Dave Hall, proprietor of Arch Liquor and Arch Sports Cards, has been working diligently on the property anticipating his future opening. Everything Under the Sun will be operated by Bryon Russo.

“This is something very positive for the village,” Ardillo added.

“Our former Triple Crown Sports card shop in the village was very positive for the youth in town, many of whom participated in tournaments and other events sponsored at the shop. I truly hope for the same with these new additions to Brocton,” she stated.

Brocton’s Board of Trustees also took a step in a positive direction Wednesday by resolving to support NYS Assemblyman Michael Kearns (Assembly District 142) in his sponsorship of Bill A00088, which seeks to force plaintiffs in mortgage foreclosure actions to: provide contact information, including name and phone number; notably list the property as “vacant;” and notify the involved municipality.

With prior experience trying to determine who owns foreclosed properties, the board resolved to support the legislation, which Kearns has gone on record to describe as “something that can be done through legislation in order to help save some of these properties through early notification.”

The board will meet again on Wednesday at 7 p.m.