A poem filled with love


A poem for Valentine’s Day:

“That Feeling”

“Will you be mine?” the little boy said,

to the girl who sat in his class.

She blushed and she smiled,

and paused for awhile,

then laughed and held out her hand.

She blew him a kiss

that flew through the air,

and landed smack onto his cheek.

Embarrassed and shy,

he closed both his eyes,

And pretended to be cute asleep.

He started to think

of one day being her man.

For now he was just a child.

He opened one eye,

and stuck out his tongue,

and she did the same with a smile.

For Valentine’s Day

was here once again,

as it will every year at this time.

As yesterday was…

Like that question today,

tell me…

will you be mine?