Cookie express

The scene at the cafeteria at School 4 would have boggled the Cookie Monster’s mind. Containers filled with cookies were on the tables. Willing workers were creating plates of cookies destined for local senior citizens..

It could have been a word problem in math. For the seventh year, the Dunkirk Teachers’ Association, with the help of volunteers from the Dunkirk High School Honor Society and student teachers from Fredonia want to assemble 174 plates of cookies with a dozen cookies on each. How many cookies do they need to fill the plates? What mathematical operation would you use to solve this problem?

The effort is, of course, more than a problem in arithmetic.

Members and friends of the DTA donated cookies and transported them to School 4.

Teachers in the elementary, middle, and high schools had students create valentines. One valentine would be attached to each plate of cookies.

Volunteers put on gloves before handling the cookies. They then picked out 12 different types of cookies to make an attractive plate.

Allysa Loveland, Taylor Tilley, Andrew Saye and Agape Berakah from the Dunkirk High School Honor Society said it was one of the service projects in which the organization participates.

Joshua Saye, a middle school student, whose mother is a language teacher at the high school, volunteered for the second year.

According to Kathie Hobbs, chairperson of this project, “No cookies are eaten, except maybe by the custodians after we are finished. Broken cookies are put aside.”

Hobbs said the cookies go to the High Rise, Bell Towers, and Lincoln Arms.

This year the middle school kitchen could not be used so the cookies were either baked in homes or purchased.

Amy Pencek is the Progress Team Chairperson for the DTA. This is the group that plans community events and donates to charity. She said the seniors appreciate the cookies as well as the valentines from the students.

The answer to the word problem is 2,088 cookies. The operation is multiplication.

The answer to a successful project is dividing the work using heart, coordination, cooperation, and willingness to work.

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