St. Columban’s holds gingerbread raffle

The holiday season is always a very special time at St. Columban’s on the Lake Retirement Home. The home is always decorated very festively. This year, a gingerbread house was added to the newly-built Anniversary Room.

The 7-foot gingerbread house was originally made for the halls of the Epiphany of Our Lord Church in Langford by Joanne Hoffman of Springville. Hoffman had formed the house out of a large appliance box held together by duct tape and Elmer’s glue. Shaving cream and cake icing were used to make the icicles and artificial ornaments were used for the candy canes and cupcakes. In early November, the church decided that the gingerbread house be placed in the church’s annual Holiday Heritage live auction as a raffle prize.

Debbie Gabel of Collins, daughter of resident Lois Polzin, won the gingerbread house and decided to donate it to St. Columban’s. All lit up the house was an impressive sight and a conversation piece for all, especially for the children who visited the home during the holidays.