‘Be still and know’

The sun is up. So am I. Grabbing my Bible and notepad, I head for the Dunkirk Pier to find my favorite perch upon a boulder-sized rock.

Those who know, know this is Jack(ie) in the pulpit time and space for praying and preparation. Sunday’s comin’. Anticipation builds.

“Be still and know that I am God.”

With “The Word” open upon my lap, waves lazily lapping the shore, divinely dressed seagulls soaring and circling gracefully amidst clear-blue sky, “all is well with my soul.”

Surprisingly soon, darkness veils the sun. Wind whips lake water into rolling billows. Seagulls dip and dive. I wonder what message they bring. I stand upon my rock, seeing previously unseen seasoned sailors fast approaching shore. Amidst a storm, those who know, know where to find safety and security. Their anchor holds.

Yes! Just in a moment, a message not missed.

Time to go. Sunday’s comin’. A time of worship through “Word and Sacrament.” Reaffirming our savior’s covenant with us. The son is risen! When darkness veils his lovely face, trusting through every stormy gale, upon Christ the solid rock we stand.

‘Til faith becomes sight, resting on his unchanging grace, my anchor holds.

“Remember, I am with you always.”

Praise the Lord; praise the Lord!

“All is well with my soul.”

Pastor Jackie Rhodes is now retired after serving 12 years at the Brocton United Methodist/Lutheran Congregation. Send comments on this column to lifestyles@observertoday.com