Dunkirk athletic director position still vacant

The Dunkirk Board of Education had hoped to fill the vacancy for the athletic director by its meeting Tuesday, however that did not happen.

Superintendent Gary Cerne said the board is still working on hiring an athletic director. He said it plans to fill the position by the next meeting.

“We plan to have that in place by the next meeting,” he said.

The former athletic director, Alan Gens, was appointed as the full-time assistant vice principal at the high school after the board abolished the two part-time assistant principal positions. Gens was also appointed part-time director of community education.

“Al has done a wonderful job as athletic director and he wants to work more with children so he is going to move into the other position of full-time assistant (principal). But he has done a fantastic job as athletic director through some hard times when we had both the gyms shut for construction, we played the whole basketball season on the road, through the football construction, he did a great job of moving things around,” Cerne added.

David Boyda was appointed as the part-time director of physical education, not to be confused with the athletic director.

“That is overseeing K through 12 physical education, its a mandate from the state every district has to have one. The requirements are you have to have a physical education teaching certificate and an administrators certificate. Mr. Chris Bulger used to do that for us and he left to move south. So we asked Mr. Boyda to take over on a part-time basis,” Cerne explained.

The board also appointed Gretchen Weidner girls’ JV softball coach, William Thiel, Jerome Moss, Mario Muscarella and James Quinn varsity football assistant coaches, Phil Cook varsity girls’ soccer head coach, Kim Delgado varsity girls’ volleyball head coach, Michelle Poweski girls’ JV volleyball coach, Julie Troche varsity football cheering coach, Michael Jackson unpaid varsity football assistant coach, Eric Gloss unpaid varsity baseball manager and Brian Crawford unpaid varsity baseball assistant coach.

Risel Alfaro was appointed Hispanic outreach coordinator at a rate of $17,242 and L. Vanessa Escobar was appointed Title III bilingual educational service provider at a rate of $31,065, both contingent on passing civic service exams.

Teacher salary advancements for completion of graduate work were approved for Technology Teacher William Smock from $45,343 to $46,615, Business Teacher Alan Buckley from $41,755 to $44,045 and Science Teacher Nathan Slate from $41,235 to $43,843.

Renewal of contracts for Confidential Executive Secretary Tracy Ossman and part-time Confidential Executive secretary Barbara Thompson were approved by the board.

The board also recognized the late Eleanor V. Kubasik and the late Loretta Bradley for their service to the district.

The board will next meet March 14.