Changes made to pawnshop dealer law

LITTLE VALLEY – For those dealing with secondhand articles in Cattaraugus County, there are new regulations to follow. According to County Legislator William Aiello, modifications were made to Local Law 5-2012, Regulating the Transfer of Secondhand Articles.

“It’s not a new law but an existing law with modifications,” he said.

The original law was passed in June by the county legislature and went in effect on July 1, 2012. The modifications were approved in December and went into effect this month. The law requires any secondhand dealers to register with the county Sheriff’s Department. The law was enacted to help police recover stolen goods.

“The Sheriff’s Department had some burglaries. They come to find out the jewelry had already been melted down and was gone (before recovery),” Aiello said.

Each registered dealer must keep a record of all sales and these records must be sent on a weekly basis to the Sheriff’s Department. Under the law, it helps police have an extra effort to recover stolen goods before they are melted down, if jewelry, or sold.

Under the new amendments to the law, secondhand dealers must register for a license every five years instead of annually under the original law. License fees have also increased to $25 from $10. Also dealers must keep secondhand articles for a period of 10 days, an increase from the prior seven days.

“If you come home from vacation and find out that your house had been burglarized, you have more time to find it,” Aiello said.

The amendments came from a year oversight of the law from the Sheriff’s Department. They felt these modifications would work out the “kinks.”

“The Sheriff’s Department felt that the modifications were needed. Whenever you enact a law, you try to work out the kinks,” Aiello said. “You try to do the best you can when the law goes … there will be some modifications from law enforcement.”

Any business that would like to apply for a license or more information on the law, can contact Detective William Welling of the Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office at 938-2276.

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