Article ‘made my day’


I just wanted to say thank you to Skeeter Tower for that beautifully written and touching article about the 32 Water Street Association. George and Barb Weaver were my parents and I am so familiar with that place, those guys and those stories.

Skeeter hit the nail on the head with that article. Personally, it made my day and made this 64-year-old woman cry for missing not just her parents but all that the story represented.

Many Thanks, Skeeter.




Does new law have benefits?


Recently, spearheaded by our self-serving governor, lawmakers rammed through the “How could anyone possibly believe this nonsense is designed to keep New York safe act,” making some of my guns illegal.

I’ve been wondering … if this “illegal” is the same “illegal” as “illegal alien,” do I now qualify for free government ammunition and gunsmithing?


Bear Lake

‘Kind words’ appreciated


I want to thank Mary Ann Herrington for the kind words she wrote in her recent column about our “Day of Joy and Inspiration Workshop” held at St. Joseph Parish on Saturday, Feb. 2.

Besides our presenters, the workshop committee needs to be publicly thanked for all the hard work they did to make this day a success.

They are Sue Behr, Judy Dankert, Susan Galley, Val Kneitinger, Elaine Mulville, Marianne Serio and Donna Zuchowski.

Not to forget the men of our parish, who prepared the meals and sang while serving the meals to the ladies. They were head chef Deacon Michael Lemieux with assistance from John Galley and Nathan Kropp, as well as Jim Hurley, John McPhall and Dave Scholand.

Thank you also to Father Charles Zadora, pastor of St. Joseph Church, who supported our endeavor.

To all the participants who came from all parts of the county – thank you. I hope you had a joyful day and were inspired by what you heard.