Immigration plan is ‘insanity’


The current push to legalize millions of people who entered and remain in this nation illegally is probably one of the most disgusting acts ever perpetrated by politicians whose stock and trade is legislating this country into oblivion.

First some facts. The United States will admit 100,000,000 (that’s right, 100 million) immigrants by 2037. The vast percentage of these will be uneducated, third world people lacking any skills needed by our economy. They will use assistance programs at a much higher rate than citizens and most will have no intention of assimilating.

On top of the destruction of our infrastructure there will be a balkanization of our nation. U.S. Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand are pushing for passage of “immigration reform” knowing that this will be a total disaster for our nation. They don’t care because they know that doing this will give Democrats an unbeatable margin of potential voters. Now all you folks who support this insanity better spend some time and do your homework because this isn’t the end when this is implemented.

There are millions more who will rightly see this for what it is, a welcome mat laid out by a nation with a death wish. Regardless of what provisions are made for border enforcement don’t be fooled. Sen Schumer has already stated he will push for this without improved border security. Any laws passed regarding security will be ignored by this president just as he ignores present immigration laws. One estimate of the costs of adding just these 12 million illegals to the system is $2 trillion. Don’t forget that these people can then bring in relatives through chain immigration.

In actuality, the numbers of illegals in the U.S. is closer to double what the government tells us. We are presently borrowing 43 cents of every $1 we spend. Where is the money going to come from for this lunacy?

Your children and grandchildren have no future. Our area has been spared for the most part from this invasion but it will get here and when it does you can thank yourselves for electing people who support the destruction of our great nation.