Dunkirk Falcon Club celebrates a century

The Dunkirk Falcon Club was first organized in 1913 as Nest No. 278 and later incorporated in New York State as the Polish Falcon Club. Its name was officially changed to Dunkirk Falcon Club, Inc., in 1945.

The first club meetings were held in the old St. Hedwig’s church hall. A small building was then purchased on Townsend Street, between Benton and Tenny streets. A fire eventually burned this location down, and the present location was acquired from Theodore Strychalski. It was remodeled to meet the needs of the club.

In recent years, the club has seen a growth in its membership and attendance numbers. Therefore, necessary renovations have been completed to the bar area and front hall. As in the past, the club and its members remain active and interested in local sports. Members participate in bowling, golf, and softball. The club sponsors these activities as well as remaining a proud sponsor of the Dunkirk Falcons Little League Team.

Social gatherings in the club include sporting events, themed parties and the annual Swieconka Celebration, “The Blessing of the Easter Baskets,” a beloved Holy Saturday Polish tradition. The club is also charitable to local groups, such as the SPCA, Dunkirk Free Library and Blessed Mary Angela Parish. In 2013, club activities and events are planned for each month to recognize the 100-year celebration of the Dunkirk Falcon Club.