‘Frightening’ events are happening

As I watched the news this Feb.9, a report came across stating that the U.S. Navy can’t send out another aircraft carrier because of lack of funds. The report must not have been too newsworthy to rattle anyone.

Today the Navy said something to the effect that they had to cut pay for the sailors. From the Army, we hear, equipment is just about worn out, and there is nothing to replace it. Did anyone ever think we would hear such things from our military? We used to have issues but not on such a grand scale.

While watching The Bloomberg Channel for the Asian and Australian stock market reports the comments on the U.S. debt were quite interesting. “With the debt at $16 trillion and rising the U.S. is about to take the whole world economy down.”

“The U.S. keeps printing money to keep it afloat, but they haven’t seen the big hole at the bottom of the boat.” Then lastly, the Pope resigned on Feb. 11.

Some may snicker at this letter, but that is your right. All these things have one thing in common: a “one world government” and a “one world false religion.”

Many have never heard of such things, but they are becoming a reality. There was one country standing in the way of this becoming real, and that is the USA. In order for it to fall into line, three things had to happen. The economy had to be busted, the military weakened or destroyed and the U.S. Constitution become circumvented and brought down.

If you open your eyes, you can see this is being done. Many presidents and top politicians have been calling for a one world government for numerous years. This has not just happened recently. In very short order your money will be worthless. That includes gold and silver. Sounds frightening, doesn’t it?

What does the Pope have to do with it? When they elect the next Pope and he takes the name Peter or Pius Xlll, he will be the false prophet mentioned in the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible. You may start laughing now.

The pope’s resignation was not unknown to many people. It was in print about a year ago at this time in a book titled “Petrus Romanus” by Tom Horn. If you care to go online to a site called Prophecy in the News, you can see what they had to say even before the book was published.

Also if you go to the site of St. Malachy, you will be able to read all about it. I am sure in the coming days you will hear a lot more about this.

What all this means is the anti-christ or world ruler controlled by satan will be making his entrance and solve all the world problems. The false prophet will help bring him in and show all kinds of miracles. (For Catholics swearing at me, your own theologians agree on where the false prophet will come from.) The only way to hold a job or buy anything will be to take the mark (666) of the anti-christ on the right hand or forehead. Once you do this, you condemn yourself to hell. How to avoid this is to put your trust in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. Admit you are a sinner. Believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose again. Call on Him to save you and take over your life. There is only one way to heaven, and that is through Jesus Christ.

It is about time for TRUE Christians and Pastors to take a stand for Christ. Take a stand now, or cower before Christ when you stand before Him. The Bible is truth even though many mock it and have tried to destroy it. The time of “Jacob’s troubles” as it is known for the last 7 years before Christ’s 1,000-year reign on earth won’t start immediately when the new Pope is elected. We are not supposed to give a time or date, but the signs of the times are to tell us that the time is near.

There are many other signs as I write this. Another one to watch is Israel. If you want to know more, find yourself a good study Bible and read it.

Read the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 24, the Book of Revelation, the Book of Daniel and lastly read the short Book of Ephesians.

Tom Kubera is a Dunkirk resident.