Dunkirk, Fredonia may be partners

The Dunkirk Board of Education is looking to save money for the district and maintain offerings – and its sights are on Fredonia.

Dunkirk Superintendent Gary Cerne asked the Dunkirk Board of Education to continue pursuing shared services with Fredonia School District by applying for a Local Government Efficiency Grant.

He explained if the districts received the grant, each would have to pay $2,500 to receive $45,000 in order for a consulting firm to investigate feasible shared services between the districts.

“I’ve been having conversations with Mr. DiFonzo and some of his staff about shared services and one thing I would like to ask the board for permission to pursue is a Local Government Efficiency Grant. We would like to file for this with Fredonia … We would use the money to explore every possible option for shared services,” he said.

At the meeting the board approved a bid for transportation services for 2013 for $31,900.

Cerne explained First Student again was the only bidder for the contract, if the district were to combine bids for transportation with Fredonia, it may be able to get a better rate.

“Its a nice opportunity. We are talking about everything from sports to equipment to putting out bids together. Anything we can do to save money the study should show us,” he explained.

The board was supportive for moving forward.

Board member Amy Ahlstrom asked if the study would only apply to sharing with Fredonia School District or others also.

Cerne said the study would be specific to Fredonia but he will continue to look into shared opportunities with other districts like Silver Creek and others.

“I think it would be a good start for us to bring in some experts that would really dedicate some time to study this,” Cerne added.

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