Silver Creek discusses opportunities with CBRDC

SILVER CREEK – The Silver Creek Village Board has been talking about how to improve the appearance of the railroad bridges in the village for over a year, but as of yet no progress has been made.

The project started with former Trustee Andrew Volk and was passed on to Trustee Thomas Harmon. Harmon put the project on the back burner for the winter when work could not be done, but said at Wednesday’s village board meeting he intends to get back on the project next month.

Mayor Kurt Lindstrom said the village may be able to make more progress if it works with the communities of Chadwick Bay Regional Development Corporation. He said working as a group to go to the railroads was one of the items discussed at a recent CBRDC meeting because many municipalities have had trouble communicating with both CSX and Norfolk Southern.

Harmon said he will look into it.

Lindstrom also brought up the issue of making a decision on the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan put forward by CBRDC and the county planning department.

He explained the cost is $2,000 per community and the county would like to know of commitments by the end of March. The board set up a meeting day of March 20 for CBRDC Executive Director Kathy Tampio and Jay Warren to present to the board on the matter.

Lindstrom also reported ongoing discussion with the town for code enforcement.

The board also discussed getting a meeting together for neighbors of the ballpark because the Hanover Little League would like to construct a softball field on the land, but does not want to upset the neighbors. Trustee Amy Romanik said there are scheduling conflicts with the Silver Creek Softball League playing at the school.

Court Clerk Carol Waugh reported the court received the Justice Court Assistance Court Assistance Program grant for computers for $1,800.

The next village board meeting will be March 4 at 7 p.m.

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