Tactic has resident more than ‘disgusted’


To say I’m disgusted over the possibility of our county government trying to change a law to suit themselves would be an understatement.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of the County Home I would hope that each and every resident of this county would be furious with their representatives for wanting to change a law simply because they didn’t get their way.

Is this a political temper tantrum? Does this mean that whenever our legislators and the county executive don’t like the way a vote turns out they can just decide to change the law so that it goes in their favor?

Does this mean that should they sell, those legislators who voted no to the sale can turn around and try to change the law so that it works in their favor or continue to try and reverse the vote by bringing it up each and every month?

Would that be allowed? Why, County Executive Greg Edwards, if the County Home is losing money on a daily basis and costing the taxpayers millions of dollars, did you allow this to continue for as long as it has if all you had to do was change a law in order to sell the Home?

I find it hard to believe that you didn’t know you could do that right from the very beginning. Why was there even a vote then? Why did you allow all this time and money to be wasted?

If how you’ve run the County Home is any indication as to how you run this county, it’s no wonder why we’re in the financial mess we’re in.

Mindy Kaufman is a Dunkirk resident.