Site plan approved

Efforts to build a restaurant-type facility on Dunkirk’s harborfront took a step forward recently as the city harbor commission approved the footprint of the site plan.

City Code Enforcement Officer Allan Zurawski is a member of the commission and chaired the meeting in the absence of Chairman Jim Nichols.

Zurawski explained the commission’s approval is the first of several steps Chadwick Bay Marina operators Jeff Gambino and Mike Pucci will have to take before their project can be built.

Commission members expressed some concern about parking for fisherman being reduced again in the boat launch area, but it was pointed out the lease between the city and the operators granted the operators rights to the space in question, which is located adjacent to the current site of the marina office building.

The commission reviewed two plans, one calling for a two-story structure and the other a one-story configuration. Both plans called for the same amount of ground space to be used.

According to Zurawski, the operators. who were not present, are hoping to have construction complete by the end of the 2013 building season.

“He has two options here. One is to be the first floor only, he’s leaning more toward the original option, which is the second floor. Option one is the restaurant, option two is the upper area, the second floor,” Zurawski said. “What we’re here to do is take a look at the site plan, approve it so it can move on to the planning board, and on to council. He’s hoping to get our approval tonight.”

Zurawski added he was not “presenting” the plans, just providing them for commission review. Zurawski said there would probably be sufficient parking in the area.

Parking for fishermen was brought up again with questions about the marina using its boat-storage area for customers of the proposed restaurant.

“We’d like to ask for your (the town council’s) participation as we have planned to do a re-enactment of the first official town board meeting,” he added.

Other things slated to make up the bicentennial celebration are a youth essay contest being coordinated with Brocton Central School faculty, and a talent show for all ages.

The large-scale celebration is scheduled for the same weekend as Brocton Central School’s Alumni Reunion weekend and the Brocton/Portland Community Festival, July 12-14, allowing for many out-of-towners to take part in the activities of the weekend.

The annual fireworks display, which is a community festival fan-favorite, is scheduled for Saturday evening, and a Sunday parade will end the weekend’s events.

The Bicentennial Celebration will continue on through the official dedication of the re-furbished four-corner arch in the Village of Brocton and details of that event will follow as the construction allows.

Town Councilman, Jerry Boltz, who is the Chairman for the Brad Anderson Recognition Committee, reported to the council and those attending the council meeting on the work in progress.

“We’re starting to solicit and accept donations toward the fund for the honorary statue that will depict Brad Anderson and Marmaduke. We’re currently working with Brocton Central School and the staff of the Brocton Review for some press coverage and special events that will be part of the honor to Brad,” stated Boltz.

The committee recently secured permission from Universal Uclick, the governing national syndicate which carries the Marmaduke comic panel in over 500 daily newspapers worldwide to advertise for the sole purpose of raising funds for the monument.

With that important hurdle out of the way, the committee will begin to roll out their marketing initiatives to raise money for the statue to be completed and placed in its designated space on the Town of Portland property on Main Street.

“We’re also in the process of having the selected artist begin work on the ‘marquette’ (which is a small scale version of what the monument will look like to be used for advertising purposes) and contracts are being signed for that. We’re pleased to announce that we’re also working with elementary and high school art faculty at BCS on some upcoming art projects centered around Marmaduke. Not only is Brad Anderson a well-known local artist, but his character Marmaduke is world-renowned. Although this is a big undertaking, Brad is known nationally and worldwide and we’re confident that we will make this a worthwhile and successful project to properly honor Mr. Anderson and his accomplishments,” concluded Boltz.

Anyone interested in joining the committees for the Portland Bicentennial Celebration or the Brad Anderson Recognition Committee may contact the Town of Portland Clerk’s office for more information.