Continued ‘care’ means keeping Home

“You don’t understand,” County Executive Greg Edwards said at the finance meeting in Mayville. “Now, if you pay down a mortgage for a year you will have less value on that home?”

What’s up with that? I know a car depreciates, but real estate always goes up or maintains its value. Now, the legislators finally voted last month to no sale to Avi Rothner, yet Mr. Edwards and Mr. Barmore the fireman have found a way to manipulate the law to make a simple majority sell to the Rothner family the County Home.

Mr. Edwards threatened to raise taxes (can you say 2 percent tax cap? A simple majority would be able to do that if the “new law” passes). That is such a bad idea, to make a simple majority dictatorship. Mr. Edwards has too many friends in the legislators to hope for honest decisions.

You now have to ask them, did they really do the research or did they just have a plan in the first place and they are just going through with it with the community’s input or not? Their research was on how to get the home sold, not how to make it work for the community.

Chautauqua County had a $10 million “windfall” in the fall of 2012, Legislator George Borrello admitted “We the legislators were like kids in a candy store trying to spend that money.” What? When you are $13 million in debt how responsible is it to throw $10 million to the wind?

Cattaraugus County has two county nursing homes and one airport with a population of 85,000. Their nursing homes are not for sale. Our county has a population of 135,000. Have we picked up the phone to get input on budget balancing from next door? No, it’s easier to be sneaky and to throw “loopholes” into the law.

The Rothner home would not be in their back yard so why not sell to a man who, out of thousands of homes, runs and owns one of the 10 worst nursing homes in the country?

Lawmakers, please can you get on with business, try other more county-friendly ways to balance the budget?

That was why your legislators got the job, not to pass everything Mr. Edwards wants. We have to care for all ages in this county. It’s the law, you lawmakers must uphold that need.

Susan Baldwin is a Villenova resident.