Dunkirk church holds Way of the Cross on Fridays

The Way of the Cross, also known as the “Stations of the Cross,” invites participants to reflect on the passion of Christ and pray in gratitude for salvation won through the Cross of Jesus. This prayer goes back to the fourth century when Christians were able to openly go to Jerusalem to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. When it became dangerous to go to the Holy Land, the Stations were set up by the Franciscan friars who had been given custody of the Holy Land. In effect, the Stations are a “mini” pilgrimage.

As people go from station to station, prayers are said which recall the actions of Jesus and remember those who are in situations which are similar to the sufferings of Jesus. Catholic Christians all over the world gather on Fridays in Lent to walk this way together in churches or sometimes at stations built on church properties. Some Protestant Churches have also made this devotion part of their Lenten activities.

Parishioners at Holy Trinity Parish in Dunkirk join those who make this Way of the Cross and invite all to pray with them on Friday evenings are 6:30 p.m. Each Friday focuses on a different theme.

On March 1, the prayer will focus on a “Way of the Cross for Senior Citizens”; on March 8, the women of the parish will pray “Mary’s Way of the Cross”; on March 15 and 22, the Way of the Cross for Families and Children will be prayed to introduce and teach young parishioners this prayer tool which has come down through the centuries.