Final ink still under way for water plant project

BROCTON Brocton’s Mayor Dave Hazelton attended what he called a “positive meeting” Friday regarding the final ink for the last remaining piece of Brocton’s major water plant upgrade.

During Wednesday’s Board of Trustees meeting, the mayor announced he would be attending a meeting at the Portland Town Hall along with the project’s engineer; funding source representative; Senator Catharine Young and Assemblyman Andy Goodell, to shore up any necessary contract language items with the NYS Department of Corrections Services contract for the project.

Since the village was notified in September of last year that it was the award winner of a $450,000 hardship assistance grant given by Environmental Facilities Corporation with a financing option of almost $2.2 million in interest-free loans for a 30-year period, the village’s attorney, Sam Drayo has been diligently working on getting the contract to a final stage.

“The Senator and Assemblyman attended our meeting today and listened to our issues, and I remain hopeful that any issues with getting contract language and wording right will be resolved. Sam (Drayo) and George Glassanos (State Corrections Services legal representative) have been working very hard on this. But it is a legal contract and it’s one of those things that is reviewed by other people in state government, so it’s important that everyone have a similar understanding on this contract,” stated Hazelton.

In other matters Wednesday, the board discussed in detail their resolution to authorize National Fuel technicians to install a larger meter and related parts for a gas-powered generator operating equipment at the Brocton Fire Department.

With $2,800 in remaining FEMA funding available for the purchase, the mayor noted that the remaining $2,000 to be paid out of the department’s equipment fund would pay for itself if the generator needed any continued service to properly regulate gas pressure.

Deputy Village Clerk Julie Planty also announced a recent donation of $250 towards the Arch Restoration Project received from Huddy Agricultural.

The board thanked the locally based agri-business and Trustee J. Dale Abram announced a final mock-up of the honorary plaque for the arch, which Huddy Agricultural and others will be honored with, should be ready within the next few weeks for donors to look at.

Before the meeting closed, the mayor also encouraged his board of trustees to attend the upcoming March 20 meeting announcing the results of the recent school merger study.

The March 20 meeting falls on the same date as the village board’s second monthly meeting date. Board members will announce at their next meeting, on March 6, whether or not the March 20 meeting will be held or rescheduled.