Fredonia: It’s about control, not ‘savings’

Fredonia Trustee Joe Cerrie is defensively apprehensive regarding the village’s role in joining a regional north county water district.

“I need to see some savings,” he said on WDOE on Tuesday morning, noting the village is not yet on board in joining the district.

But before we go any further, let’s make one thing clear. Keeping separate water facilities in each municipality has not resulted in “savings” for area residents or businesses in the last decade. Each year the cost for each entity running its own water system has increased – even with federal assistance.

Fredonia is often known for pointing out how well it does things as a village. We know that is absolutely false when it comes to its handling of water in the past eight months.

Last summer, the village needed Dunkirk’s assistance during the drought to keep village water customers supplied. In addition, in late November, the village mishandled the water system creating a boil-water order that lasted nearly a week.

Let’s also not forget the constant rate increases – the real reason the village wants to maintain its own water system and not become part of the district. That is the village’s cash cow.

“Savings?” That is not what the village or its trustees want.

What trustees and the village want is control. Control over when they conveniently forget to mention they are taking water from another municipality and control over its increasing – never decreasing – water rate.