Hanover questions Silver Creek DPW compliance

HANOVER – There have been many pitfalls for the village of Silver Creek in moving its department of public works building to the Bentges Distributing building on Route 5/20.

One of those pitfalls was zoning, where the building was not zoned for municipal use, meaning the village would need a special use permit from the town of Hanover Zoning Board of Appeals. At the end of last year, the permit was issued with certain stipulations the village with which the village would have to comply.

At a recent Hanover Town Board meeting, Supervisor Todd Johnson asked village Trustee Nick Piccolo where the village is in complying with the stipulations. He listed relocation of the entrances and hooking into the town’s sewer system as things the village was asked to do.

Piccolo said he is attempting to get FEMA funding for the DPW by getting Senator Charles Schumer, Congressman Tom Reed and State Senator Catharine Young involved. But the village will make the changes as soon as it can.

“We are planning to look into doing some of the (requirements) … We are hoping to get some relief from FEMA because basically without that money we have no contingency fund. The big thing in our plan is to tie in and do what is required by the town,” he said.

He added the village is looking at its options and plans on doing the work once spring weather begins.

Town Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro said the town has the right to revoke a special use permit if an individual has not complied with the stipulation laid out in the permit.

Johnson said Code Enforcement Officer Thomas Gould has been busy issuing citations on Route 5/20 and was warning Piccolo he is likely to visit the DPW soon.

“The zoning board of appeals, they are up to here with issuing out special use variances, and then the folks that they issue them to they don’t comply. We are at the point now with the planning board and the town board, we are ready to start taking action with some of the non-compliers … We have a serious problem especially on (Route) 5 and 20 with people abusing their use variances and Tom’s starting at one end and going right to the other end and all he’s doing is issuing citations for court appearances. We told him it is in our local law he does not have to be nice and issue warning letters where the appearance ticket is their notification. Just to let you know it’s coming down that way,” Johnson said.

The board will meet March 11.