Decisions are ‘losers’ for CVCS board


This is what I learned at the Feb. 11 Cassadaga Valley Board of Education meeting:

1. Every board member agreed it was perfectly ethical for a board member to not recuse himself and to vote to hire his own offspring for a paid coaching position.

2. It is perfectly acceptable to artificially restrict the list of eligible candidates for coaching positions so that the most qualified candidate is also the only candidate.

3. According to the board president, the reason we have teams with consistently losing records is “not because of the coach’s abilities, because there are no poor coaches at Cassadaga Valley, it’s the fault of the parents and student-athletes.”

4. According to every board member, it is not a conflict of interest to vote to hire an immediate family member to a paid position.

This is what I learned at this meeting, that when it comes to football, for example, my son and I are losers.


Lily Dale