Collins talks about possible building permit increases

COLLINS – Residents in the town of Collins may be paying more for building permits. The town board discussed possible building permit changes in pricing.

The changes have been discussed by the Planning Board. The permits discussed were ones regarding roofs. Councilman Rob Gaylord asked if a permit was needed for roofing projects.

“If someone is replacing their roof, do they need a permit?” he asked.

The answer is yes. Currently, there is $25 permit fee to replace a roof on a residence. This fee only covers tear away roofs and does not cover shingle roofs. The board had questions about shingled roofs and where the shingles are being discarded.

Assistant Code Enforcement Officer Charlie Siegle has looked to other towns to see what they are charging for roofing permits. Siegle said other municipalities are charging 5 cents per square foot per building. The town board still wanted more information on the permits. The Planning Board will discuss permits further and bring more information back to the town board.

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