Final report nears for Cassadaga school

SINCLAIRVILLE – The committee charged with studying the closure of the Cassadaga Elementary School is working to finalize its report.

At the committee meeting, Superintendent Scott Smith thanked those in attendance. “I appreciate your time on this,” he said.

Smith outlined the next steps. The board of education will have a special meeting for presentation of the report on Monday at 7 p.m. in the multi-purpose room in the high school. At that time, public comment will be accepted. At the regular board meeting on March 11, the board will vote whether to close the Cassadaga Elementary School.

Smith handed out a draft report he said incorporated changes suggested at the last meeting.

He asked the committee members to shout out questions, so the questions could be discussed.

“Once we decide it (the draft) is final, we can leave,” he said.

Although there were questions about financial projections and class size, teacher Cheryl Beichner made the only two suggestions for changes to the report. She suggested adding two items to the negative impact of the closing. One was the possibility of reduced parental involvement. The second was the possibility of class size increases.

“That doesn’t mean I am against the closing,” said Beichner. “I just think the negatives should be in the report.”

Smith said he planned to email everyone a fresh copy of the report, and if anyone has further suggestions to let him know.

He also encouraged committee members to attend the meeting on Monday at 7 p.m.

The only member of the public at the committee meeting was Walter Waite, longtime Cassadaga resident. Asked why he was there Waite replied, “I am very interested. I live in the village and why wouldn’t I be interested?”

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