Villenova friends meet in Florida for annual picnic

On Feb. 14, the 11th annual Villenova-Valentine Picnic was held at the pavilion on Walk-In-Water Lake in Indian Lake Estates, Florida. The hosts Phyllis and Lynn Butcher, and Roberta Stearns greeted 51 guests arriving from both coasts of Florida to the gated community in central Florida. Many traveled two hours to enjoy the social event. Some even plan their vacation to attend. They were greeted with a water fountain spraying up in front of the lake.

The buffet was filled with many dishes and desserts. The highlight for everyone was Sahlen hot dogs, as they are not available in Florida. Ken Scott personally delivered 21 pounds of them.

A meeting was called to have all attending tell of events that happened during the past year. Weddings, new grandchildren, graduations, travels, surgeries and other items of interest were shared. Laughter and tears filled the pavilion as each shared stories.

Several were unable to attend due to health issues, but they were remembered.

There was sunny skies in the morning followed by showers in the afternoon, a cool day from recent weather. It was believed to be the first picnic with rain resulting in early departures.

Those attending included: Barb and Ken Mosher, Pam Ackley, Jennifer Ackley-Smits, Clyde and Margie Conklin, Jerry and Anne Ray, Janet and Larry Waite, Sandy Howard Rountree, Rich Howard, Glenn and Jan Scott, Ken Scott, Ray and Edna Smith, Jeff and Josephine Beightol, Don Clement, Janet Kerns, Joan and Higly Nobles, Patty Stafford McNeil, Marshall and Virginia Brown, Pat and Phil Schultz, Beatrice and Ron Curtin, Diane and Clarice Beaver, Austin and Marion Nobles, Cokie Nobles, Art Cobb, Elmer and Donna Johnson, Jim Jones, Dennis and Pat Hills, Dick and Brenda Doster, Carol Buisch, Gerald and Berdena Merrill, Sandy and Bob Morlock.

Plans are made for the next year on Feb. 14, 2014, at the same location.