Strange signs in the sky

With a blinding flash and a booming shockwave, a meteor blazed across the western Siberian sky last month and exploded with a force of 20 atomic bombs, injuring more than 1,000 people, as it blasted out windows and spread panic in a city of 1 million people.

The day Pope Benedict VI announced his retirement, and only a few hours later, a solid white streak of lightning struck the dome of the Vatican! Are these just coincidences? Or are these warnings in the sky, like the Bible predicts and states will happen?

We believe it’s just the nature of the earth, with the storms, floods, etc., in rebellion against what humans are destroying of the beautiful earth, given to us by God to protect and enjoy!

We have lost our morals, and forgotten that God has given us the earth. My own New York State has had two warnings so far. What will be the third one? First came 9/11, killing over 3,000 people. The second, Superstorm Sandy, with all the flooding. When the water came in from the ocean toward New York City, and the Hudson River overflowed, they came toward each other to flood the subways!

What about the killing of our children? First in the Holocaust, in the concentration camps in Europe. Thousands of children were taken to die. Then abortion, killing five million children since 1973. The killing of 20 children in Connecticut, and on and on. We don’t need terrorists to come to America, our own people are killing each other. Myself, being a Catholic, and all Christians all over the world believe these are signs from Heaven! And we are worried about assault weapons? Our Blessed Mother of Fatima predicted this would happen. Remember the three children with her? We always prayed for Russia, and no third world war! It will be our prayers and the Rosary that save us.

Thank you and God bless.

Valerie Pawlak is a Dunkirk resident.