Edwards, CCIDA present check to EMC FinTech

County Executive Greg Edwards accompanied by staff from the County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency met with Eric Corey and the employees of EMC FinTech. Located at 1400 E. Second St. in Jamestown, EMC FinTech is in the business of providing tooling for the heating and cooling industry. The company designs, builds, and supplies machines and tooling that produce custom specialty parts for this industry. The industry is responsible for all radiator, condensers, oil coolers, heater cores, and other items related to heating and cooling applications. EMC’s major product is roll die tooling that is used to create fins for radiators.

“EMC’s strength is the expertise of its principal, Eric Corey, and others in the group, who bring years of experience in this industry, covering sales, design, and build functions. They are respected as high-quality specialists, providing an important competitive advantage for their customers,” Edwards said. “We are here to make a presentation of a check for $65,000 from the Chautauqua Revolving Loan Fund to assist this company in its growth. Congratulations are in order since they have grown from a startup in 2007 and now employ 12 people.”

The Chautauqua revolving Loan Fund is administered by the CCIDA.

The current project consists of renovations to the building to enhance the flow of work, creating a better work environment for its employees to allow them to efficiently produce product, and upgrade distribution to its customers. Renovations will include energy efficient lighting, roof repair, parking lot repair, office and employee break rooms and a conference room. Also, included in the project are equipment purchases totaling $22,240.