Many area teachers ‘dedicated’

I have read numerous blogs and editorials that have been critical of the teaching profession. I feel a need to respond based on my own experience and that of many dedicated colleagues.

My average work week is well over 40 hours. I have donated thousands of dollars to students; including an annual scholarship to a deserving graduating senior. I co-founded an organization that provides items students need, in order to succeed in school.

My students are never denied an opportunity to participate in special activities or projects because of finances. Two years ago, I became a class advisor so all students could take a trip to New York City, and donated my full stipend and then some so all could take this ‘Trip of a Lifetime’.

In between these extras, I strive to continually improve lessons and grade papers with care to provide my students with the needed feedback in order to pass the rigorous Regents exam. I put my heart and soul into my profession and all for one reason – my high school students. I love them.

These examples are not the exception, they are the norm. I am surrounded by dedicated professionals who work hard and give willingly to support student causes.

This side of teaching is one that must be revealed.

Joyce Walzer is a North East, Pa., resident.