‘Truth’ lacking in village

I would like to address the article “Village weighs future of police” (Feb. 17). I don’t know how accurate the treasurer’s figures are, but I will tell you that this village needs the Police Department.

In March of 2011 there was an 8 1/2- by 11-inch flier stuffed in the Pennysaver that had the pictures of two trustees and the mayor at the top. The message underneath said: We will keep our Police Department, our Emergency Squad and our Fire Department Based on that statement, it now appears that was not the truth.

Granted we are getting smaller, but this is not the fault of the Police Department or does it stop crime or deal with quality of life issues.

One trustee is always talking about saving money for the taxpayers. If you want to save taxpayers’ money, just look at the waste in the last few years. Two employees took a newly purchased sewer truck to have tires put on it. The passenger did not get out to assist the driver in backing up where he needed to be. This resulted in said driver backing into a pole causing $8,900 worth of damage to the new truck.

In May of that same year, a trailer was stolen from the yard of the DPW. The gates had not been secured making it a simple task.

More recently, the village was fined $7600 for DEC violations and failure to comply promptly.

During the summer, the village went into the demolition business which cost taxpayers $38,000-plus. A trustee decided that the current garbage disposal process wasn’t good enough; that we should go to stickers for $1 each, leaving the residents to buy their own bags and take a chance on them getting ripped open. A private resident checked the prices and found the cheapest bags that would hold the garbage were 31 cents per bag. Then we were informed by another trustee that doing it that way, would cost the village $9,000 to $10,000 in lost revenue and would need to be made up in the price of the stickers.

So much for saving us money. Credibility seems to be an issue with the trustee’s ideas. The same trustee says they have to ask the difficult questions. I don’t consider them difficult, I consider them questions that have already been asked. This person has had a vendetta against the chief of police for several years.

This is apparent in the recent outbursts at Village Board meetings toward the chief, which makes this person look and act like a spoiled child.

We were informed that the new police vehicle was purchased for $26,000. The figure is only partially true because there was a trade, which reduced the price. This board has tried to dismantle the Police Department, piece by piece, in several ways. They have not given a vote of confidence to our previous officers, telling them that they had no future with the department. Then someone hinted around to the new hires that there might not be any full time employees in the future.

As I have said before, we have high taxes and poverty. I do not want the crime. You have attempted to divide and dissolve this public safety department. They are as important to this village as our firefighters and emergency squad. They are all first responders. Look at the departments who waste money for cuts.

Further, just how many new businesses do you think will locate in the village without the local police to protect their businesses?

Anna Frederickson is a Silver Creek resident.