Poor not only beneficiaries


I read all these articles about the cheating poor who use the benefits for luxuries, traffic tickets and car payments.

Do I believe it?

I agree there are those who abuse the system in our county, but let’s level the playing field. I would like to see the numbers telling us just how much money is spent on these benefits.

I would also like to see just how much money Chautauqua businesses are benefiting from tax breaks, tax loopholes from do-nothing government contracts, from city and county services they receive and do not pay for.

Don’t forget the debacle at local steel plants that received county Industrial Development Agency money that no citizen really understood or who benefited from these government welfare benefits.

I am a citizen who wants to make good decisions, and like you, I need the facts, not just the half truths of a few finger pointers who think that poor people are cheaters and scam artists.

Let’s not fall for sleight of hand, whether it’s held out by a beggar or a manicured soft palm