Gun laws already exist


There have been many opinions in the Dunkirk OBSERVER in reference to gun control. What these individuals seem to forget is that there are laws on the books as we speak that all weapons can be owned by American citizens. It doesn’t state one weapon is to be banned or some weapons should be banned. It says no such thing.

When any politician takes it upon him or herself to violate these laws, they are using this justification on incidents where people have been killed by a certain weapon in violation of our laws. An incident happened in California where an idiot took it upon himself to carjack an individual’s car, killed the driver and then went on a killing spree on the interstate highway. Guess what he used? A shotgun.

Now should we ban all shotguns because one idiot killed several people?

Just remember one thing – guns don’t kill people; kill people, guns are just handy. So are bombs, dynamite, clubs, knives etc. Get the picture?

I know one thing – politicians do things so they look good in the eyes of the public, especially when they want to run for president. Remember all guns are protected by our laws, not just one or two types.