Rothner purchase offer off the table

Chautauqua County won’t have William (Avi) Rothner to kick around anymore.

Following Thursday’s Chautauqua County Legislature meeting, County Executive Greg Edwards contacted Rothner, owner of Altitude Health Services, to let him know his offer to purchase the Chautauqua County Home is no longer being considered by the county.

“I sent a text to Avi Rothner upon the completion of the vote,” Edwards said. “He was obviously discouraged by the vote. I have been working with Marcus and Millichap to help Altitude recognize that I do not believe that they are a viable purchaser, given what the vote was and particularly given some of the comments that were made by some of the legislators who were in opposition to them coming to buy the facility. So, we are moving on to other offers.”

In the meantime, Edwards said the county has implemented virtually every recommendation from the Center for Governmental Research report.

“That includes electronic medical record, reducing staff in various areas where we have been able to do that, and a variety of other measures that were explicitly in detail presented to the legislature at the last Human Services committee meeting,” Edwards said. “Those changes have the potential for a $500,000 impact to the good for the Chautauqua County Home.”

Despite these changes, though, Edwards said that the home is still losing millions of dollars per year, a fact which is outlined in the CGR report.

“That’s exactly what they said; in their report it is very clear – there is no scenario that can be developed where the county will not be spending tax dollars to keep the home open,” he said.

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