Cassadaga board discusses water treatment timeline

CASSADAGA – The village of Cassadaga may have to roll over its bond anticipation note, even though the board members don’t want to do so. The BAN will expire on Aug. 4 and the village will be forced to take out another if construction is not complete.

Engineer Greg McCorkhill of Stearns and Wheler gave a projected timeline for the pump house. Pending approval by the state Department of Health, he is hoping construction can begin in May. Construction will take four months to complete, but construction needs to be completed by July in order for the village to not have to take out a new BAN.

It is hoped that bids can go out March 29, which will then be opened on April 3. Contracts will be sent out April 17 with contracts being sent out to Rural Development on May 5 and pre-construction starting five days later.

“I will shave as much (time) as I can off of this,” McCorkhill said.

The project was submitted to Rural Development and the state Department of Health and needed minor changes, according to McCorkhill.

“It’s more clarification than anything,” he said.

One of the items the state did address was how the village operates the system. Currently the system is run by pressure already in the system and this current system has been used for years. The new operating system will have to be measured by tank level as according to ten state standards.

“We had to come up with a system using tank level,” McCorkhill said.

To be in accordance with these new regulations, the village will be required to add in extra equipment to monitor high and low tank levels as well as monitoring the pumps. The system will also need to have alarms to alert the village when tank levels are too high or low, or when a pump stops working. The system will be run by computers and will require a monthly cellular bill through ADT or Verizon.

“It’s the most basic system you can get,” McCorkhill said.

Mayor LeeAnne Lazarony questioned if there were other alternatives to the system the village may be able to use. McCorkhill said they are looking into alternatives but it appears the village will have to go with the computerized system.

McCorkhill said there are liquidated damages, incentives for contractors to finish projects on time. Normally these are $250 but he will see if they can be increased.

“Let’s hope they turn around and contractors won’t take four months,” he said.

Trustee Valerie Culverwell asked about advertising for a shorter amount of time to cut out unnecessary time. McCorkhill said the proper amount of time to advertise should really be three weeks but the village could get away with two. The village scheduled a conference call with the Department of Health to address the concerns. McCorkhill is hopeful the department will approve the proposal without requiring the village to submit the entire plan again.

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