Family Sing tonight

Growing with Music Together is hosting Family Sing on today from 6:45 to 7:30 p.m at Barlow’s Mill, 369 W. Main St., Fredonia.

Family Sing is a free event for families with young children to have fun making music together in an informal setting. No prior musical training or skill is required. Simple refreshments are provided at the conclusion of the program.

Singing traditional folk songs was a time-honored way that past generations socialized. Family Sing continues this American tradition and adds the playing of rhythm instruments to the mix. Families are invited to bring their own instruments, not only rhythm instruments but guitars, harmonicas, wind and string instruments, kazoos, etc. Growing with Music Together provides bells, drums, shakers and a variety of rhythm instruments. Leading the Family Sing is Kay Barlow, director of Growing with Music Together.

Barlow’s Mill is home to Growing with Music Together and the Thrifty Reader Bookstore, a used bookstore that reflects the reading preferences of the region. Its inventory, comprised of books accepted from community members who trade books, is ever changing and includes children’s books and most categories found in typical bookstores. The Thrifty Reader Bookstore and Growing with Music Together have been sharing space on West Main Street in Fredonia since 2001. They have hosted Family Sings during these years on a quarterly basis. Everyone who loves to sing and make music is welcome to attend, whether they are a young family or not.

For more information, call Growing with Music Together at 673-9020.