Collins discusses water project for the year

COLLINS – The town of Collins water department will see some changes this coming year. The Collins Town Board announced a list of projects the town would like to complete before 2014.

Supervisor David Tessmer said this year’s projects include repair on valve box risers, updating service cards, remodeling the water building, fixing the water district 1 water pump, working on the main shutoff at the L.K. Painter Center and work on the water district 1 pump house’s pump.

“If providing water to customers, (projects) must take priority,” Tessmer said.

Tessmer also gave an update on the correctional facility using water. The town pumped an “extended” amount of water. He said the amount pumped has been about 8 million gallons which will result in approximately $15,000 in revenue for district 1. The town will also switch to Community Bank from First Niagara for all town accounts. Town attorney Jim Musacchio will look in to pricing for survey of the town park property. Councilmember Ken Martin said he is not sure where the property line is.

“(Visitors) can’t tell if they’re on town park (property) or on neighbors property,” Martin said.

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