Anti-social media

FORESTVILLE – Facebook is often cited as an example of “social media.” Judging by an exchange made public at a recent village board meeting, Facebook could be called “anti-social media.”

During the public comment portion of the recent village board meeting, Forestville resident Jennifer Kohler spoke out against Trustee Kimberly Stott. Kohler said Stott posted information concerning her unpaid water bill and that was a violation of her privacy.

“I don’t want to pay a water bill when I feel like I am getting nothing for it,” said Kohler.

She also commented that it was unethical for Stott to post this.

When Mayor Beth Bowker told Kohler her time was up, Bowker commented that Kohler and Stott do not get along. Then Stott was given the floor to speak.

Stott read a statement. She said that Jennifer Kohler had “started it” by posting on Facebook that she (Stott) had a business and was not paying a commercial fee. In answer to this, Stott said she posted her water bill on Facebook, showing that her bill was listed as a residence and a beauty shop.

Stott said that Kohler is part of the fire department and she would not want her to come to her home.

Stott invited anyone interested to see her after the meeting to get further information. After the meeting, she showed a copy of the water bill that was posted on Facebook. In addition, she handed out directions to find the information on Chautauqua County’s website about unpaid water bills which are attached to tax bills. Her point was that it was public information.

While Stott was speaking, Kohler and she got into a back and forth argument.

Bowker told Kohler, “Kim has the floor now.”

Some members of the public became restless, commenting to each other that the argument did not belong in a board meeting.

Resident Michael Wojtowiak got up to leave during the exchange. “This is like an argument between 12-year-olds,” he said as he made his way to the door.

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